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What We Do | A-1 Bail Bonds

Agents at A-1 Bail Bonds write secured or surety bail bonds.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a written agreement to secure the release of a defendant, promising to pay a certain amount to a court if the defendant fails to appear in that court at a scheduled time with regard to the charges for which the bond was written. If the defendant fails to appear and is not present in court within a certain time period, the full amount of the bond is paid to the court. In turn, the bail agent or any surety company through which the bond is written, will look to any indemnitor(s), collateral, and/or defendant for payment of the bond and reimbursement of costs incurred.

If you or someone you know is arrested and you want to obtain a secured/surety bail bond, please call A-1 Bail Bonds at 563-326-5365. The agent on call will ask you some questions and if he/she is able to write the bond, he/she will meet you at the jail, the courthouse, or another designated location to complete paperwork and collect premium and any collateral.